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Alysa Bradshaw has grown up around music her whole life. The daughter of a drummer, music was everywhere. Whether she was watching her dad perform or hearing something being played throughout the house. At a young age, she discovered that she could sing and hasn’t stopped ever since. Always finding a place where she can sing at the top of her lungs and dance to her hearts content. Music has always been her first love. In 2015, Alysa found the practice of yoga and instantly fell in love. When you don’t see her on stage singing with The Indigos, you will find her up front in a studio teaching yoga classes or even online at her YouTube channel, Yoga With Alysa. Music is one of her biggest sources of inspiration for the classes that she teaches. Alysa began singing with The Indigos almost a year ago and instantly felt at home within the group and on stage. When she’s not singing or teaching yoga classes, you can mainly find her with her nose in a book, hiking as much as she can or just generally being out in nature and playing with her dog.

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