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Born from the bowls of brass mountain in the heart of the labian rift, The Sax Wizard uses his magical saxiness powers to spread funk and desire across the land. He was once but a humble sorcerer traveling the land in search of the legends of musical magic. After feats of perilous strength and courage, Justin finally found the legendary uteral abyss. The uteral abyss had only been a myth until that moment, a place said to be the birth of all magic on earth.


Inside, a flurry of fluorescent lights could be seen dancing across the walls. Curious, Justin stepped inside, ready for the challenge ahead. Up the corridor  and around the corner, he couldn't believe his eyes. There lay the mythical fluorescent dragons of legend. But...what was he seeing? The dragons...they were...having an orgy? A splash of goop later and The Sax Wizard was torn from where he stood and was thrust hips first in to the fray. He fused with the fluorescence and became an etheral being, engorged the magical sexual powers emitting from the fluorescent dragon orgy. After a quantum eternity, Justin arose from a dragon egg, his eminence seducing even the air around him. Since that day, he has travelled the land playing saxophone, searching for a way to release all of his magical sexiness power in one giant load to spread the ultimate joy from the bell of his hard brass horn. 

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