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Matt A. Mellen, 28, Ball State University Grad in Business Leadership and Communications. He has always strived to carve his own path. Starting multiple businesses in his early 20s Matt loves to create. From his Media Company Mellen Media to his music business Indigo Entertainment and his bands The Indigos & Matt & Aly Matt enjoys creating music and videos…and music videos! He however is most known for his retail chain Matt’s Mellen’s Melon Mega Store Melon Emporium where they sell all kinds of NECESSARY items including but not limited to: melons, showers, gluten free bread & pastries, guitars, keytars, drum kits, sunglasses, did I mention showers. Matt strives to spread love and kindness in all that he does while being inclusive to all who want to join him on his path in changing the world for the betterment of all life.

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